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Have you read all the necessary articles on this site? Then you certainly have not noticed that you are dealing with the Gelderland-Midden police. It is an unofficial site, where we would like to share our passion for the police profession with others. We notice that for many people there are still some questions about the profession of policeman. That is why we have tried with this site to eliminate some of these question marks again.

As said, here you have to deal with the Gelderland-Midden police. Our team is quite large, so you do not have to deal with just one agent. Although I (Dirk) started this site, my colleagues support me in keeping up the site. Everyone delivers text contributions so that we can provide you with as much information as possible.

The topics on this site vary somewhat, but we have chosen a common thread: the prevention of crime. We notice in our area that there is still a lot of crime. This is undoubtedly the case in the rest of the Netherlands as well. That is why we focus on this site on the prevention of crime. However, it is impossible to prevent it, that is something we realize. But if we put our shoulders together, we can reduce criminality in Gelderland-Midden and the rest of the Netherlands considerably. Prevention is therefore of unprecedented importance. This is precisely why we have chosen to make crime prevention stand out on this website.

We wish you much reading pleasure! And are you a resident of Gelderland-Midden? Then sign up for neighborhood prevention so that you can help us with the prevention of crime.